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Apply for SIA badge

Our Process Works

Click on Log in to your SIA online account

Click on Register for a Personal Account

Provide the information to register for a new account and click on Register

Login to your email account and open email sent by SIA (if no email is received in the inbox folder, then check the spam or junk folder). Click on the link in the email to verify.

Go back to the SIA website and Login this time. Type in your username and your password.

Click on Start a New Application.

Click on I want to pay for my application myself

Click on checkbox ( ) “I consent to the SIA performing criminality and identity checks on my behalf” and click on NEXT. Now complete the following sections:

  • Personal information
  • Identity Information
  • Other Names
  • Address History (Last 5 Years Addresses)
  • Type of licence: Choose FRONT LINE and then Door Supervisor or CCTV (whichever you are applying for)
  • Criminal Information (First 2 boxes NO if you do not have any criminal record and last 2 boxes yes)
  • Mental Health
  • Declaration
  • Submit

If accepted, a Application Reference Number will be created after submitting.

Make a note of this Application Reference Number. The next step is to go to a main Post Office with your passport, 2 proofs of address and the fee (£184). You have to pay £184 to the post office. The staff will scan your documents and return the originals to you.

If your application is not submitted successfully, (result will take 2 to 3 weeks) the following message may be shown on the screen:

“We cannot accept your application for this Door Supervisor/ CCTV licence because we could not find any record of your current Level 2 Award in Door Supervisor/ CCTV qualification. Please contact your training provider.”

In this case, Click Help Then Select I have enquiry about my qualification then write saying “I have the DS qualification, but system is not recognising. Please manually search and link it to my account”. SIA will manually link your qualification to your account.