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Manchester being a major city in the UK, has plenty of security jobs available ranging from Manned Guarding, Static Guarding, Patrolling, Key Holding, CCTV operator and Door Supervision. With a vibrant nightlife and plenty of pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, demand for security jobs is rising.

Security Jobs in Stockport Manchester

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Stockport’s EDU Training Centre is a hub for security training, offering courses in Manned Guarding, Static Guarding, Patrolling, Key Holding, CCTV Operation, and Door Supervision. With Stockport’s lively nightlife and numerous venues, the need for trained security personnel is growing. Our programs cater to those looking to work in various security roles, ensuring comprehensive training and certification for all EDU license holders, whether they prefer daytime or nighttime shifts.

The SIA Licences are very versatile and will allow you to work in many different roles:

Bars, Pubs, Restaurants
Retail Security Guarding
Office Receptions
Shopping Mall
Music Events
Security Jobs in Stockport Manchester

About the EDU Door

Supervisor course in Birmingham

The course runs over 6 consecutive days and is divided into 4 units and covers everything from the legal aspects of working in security to the latest physical intervention techniques. NEW SIA Course Update (April 2021) From April 1st this course will become a 6 day course instead of a 4 day course. In addition, you must have a first aid qualification before you can take the training. This should be an Emergency First Aid at work certificate or higher.

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