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What Security Guards Can & Can’t Do Copy

here’s no getting away from it; alcohol is a powerful drug. And while alcohol contributes to the UK economy in terms of jobs, the social costs of crime, unemployment, absenteeism, long-term health problems, and even fatalities are hard to quantify. It’s fair to say that if alcohol had been invented today, it would be unlikely to be legalised.

Grant Licences

In order for the local government to do this, they grant licences which can be revoked if problems arise. Not every bartender needs a licence, but each premise must have at least one person that holds a licence. That person must have their Award for Personal Alcohol Licence Holder (APLH), which covers how alcohol is sold legally and responsibly and minimises alcohol abuse.

Physical Skills

Because the course is more about content than physical skills, we have been able to offer the course virtually to offer you maximum flexibility. You can take the course using several options according to your budget and calendar, so read on to find the best option. Take the course and exam from the comfort of your home Virtual Course If you would like to take the course over a full day from 9 am to 4 pm, then simply book a course when you are free all day and have a quiet, undisturbed time at home to take the course. You’ll go through all the course modules with an expert trainer to guide you through the content.

Expert Trainer

Not only will you have access to an expert trainer, but you can also ask questions about anything you are unsure about. Self-paced course Choose this option, and you’ll be given access to the learning materials to watch and go through at your own pace. So you can grab an hour here and there. You’ll get access to our e-learning portal and the whole course. You will also get mock exams to practice before the actual exam date, so you can check you are on target to pass. All you need to do is be ready for the exam on the date you have booked. You’ll have a quick call before the exam to check you have everything you need and understand the instructions.

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